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The Broadband Deployment Council seeks to position Illinois as America’s leading broadband technology state by working to improve the cost and speed of advanced network services.


Some of the Council’s recent accomplishments include:



  • Issuing a set of recommendations in the area of broadband policy, infrastructure, and consumer demand.


  • Organizing the Deaf Broadband Access Task Force for citizens with disabilities seeking affordable broadband service

  • Drafting the The Illinois Children's Low-Cost Laptop Act (HB5000) to increase student computer use and demand for broadband service


    And the Asus Eee              There's the "One Laptop Per Child" XO              The Intel Classmate


  • Supporting the ConnectSI regional effort to improve broadband technology options in the southernmost 20 counties of Illinois



  • Serving as an information clearinghouse on broadband funding and projects in Illinois

(Map from August 2007 Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies: Broadband Access in Illinois )


(Map from September 2007 Illinois Commerce Commission: Annual Report on Telecommunications Markets in Illinois )


The above map includes the latest broadband data collected by the Illinois Commerce Commission.  Providers reported availability of service by either zip code or exchange (their choice), so the map does not reveal instances where part of a zip code or exchange is not served). 

However, it does reflect areas with access only to satellite or non-traditional (e.g. wireless) Internet services.  We hope this map can help with the process to collect more granular and comprehensive data, and indicate roughly which areas are unserved or underserved.


  • Publicizing the Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity’s Community Technology Center grants





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