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What's the "Low-Cost Laptop" bill?


The Children's Low-Cost Laptop Act (House Bill 5000) would allow up to 300 elementary schools in Illinois to receive grant funding for low-cost (under $400) laptops. Support for professional development (teacher training), school infrastructure readiness and laptop repair are accounted for in the bill.


At least one-third of the selected schools must be from the City of Chicago; at least one-third from the collar counties, and at least one-third from the remainder of the state.


FAQs about HB5000

One-page, printer-friendly summary 


Read the full text and the status of the bill here. (Click "House Amendment 3" for the latest version.)

Who sells laptops for under $400? 


 Over a dozen manufacturers. (Click here for a list.)



Laptop Grant FAQs

Low-Cost Laptops in Illinois

U.S. Laptop Schools

National Lt. Governor's Association Resolution for Children’s Low-Cost Laptops

"One Laptop Per Child" videos:

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